Project management

We implement innovations: we are supporting our clients to assess their needs and subsequently help them to identify how innovation can enable them to achieve their goals. We support, promote, co-create and enable innovations, we ensure that innovations improve people’s livelihoods. We work with SMEs, entrepreneurs, public sector, multinationals and donors to achieve development impact. We think that creativity can help provide sustainable solutions.


  • Project management, flexible in how we help our clients and beneficiaries achieve their outcomes, applying the relevant socio and economic methodologies. Work closely with beneficiaries to assess their needs and co-create solutions.
  • Piloting and testing innovation. Define innovation as the development of a new idea; the application of a more effective product, service and/or process; or the transfer of an existing solution to a new market or territory. This ranges from high-tech to low/no-tech solutions. Throughout the process we provide technical assistance to stakeholders in the public and private sector, ensuring they remain focused on addressing the needs of marginalized communities.
  • Use PRINCE2 in project management.

R4SD experience:

Nile Basin Initiative